Public Seminar on Research Methods - Discourse Analysis

Partner: Center for Security Studies, Metropolitan University Prague
Event date: Mar 08, 2016
Deadline for registering: Mar 08, 2016
Venue: Room no. 205, MUP Strašnice building, Dubečská 900/10, Prague 10, Czech Republic
Category: Workshop

This seminar will present the main schools of discourse analysis: critical discourse analysis and post-structuralist discourse analysis, with emphasis paid on the Essex School of discourse analysis. The objective of the seminar is to shed light on practical questions regarding the utility and applicability of discourse analysis for the study of politics. Is discourse analysis simply another method of qualitative research? What type of research questions can discourse analysis help us with? What type of empirical data can we use for discourse analysis? What is the role of the discourse analyst in discourse analysis? Is discourse analysis a suitable analytical tool for sub-disciplines such as electoral politics or policy studies or is it only fitted for political theory?

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Keywords: Europe, Education, Democracy, Czech Republic, EU, NATO, USA, Global Security


May 26, 2016 - May 27, 2016

20th International Conference of Young Scholars Prague: The Shifting Balances of International Relations?

Jan Masaryk Centre of International Studies at the University of Economics, Prague is pleased to invite you to the 20th International Conference of Young Scholars Prague: The Shifting Balances of International Relations?, which will be held on 26 - 27 May

Global Security, USA, NATO, Russia, EU, United Nations, Middle East, Syria, Ukraine, Media, Iran, Africa, Asia, Europe, Migration


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