Ivana Smolenova

IRSEC Hub's Manager

Ivana Smoleňová is IRSEC Hub's Manager and Co-creator. Ms. Smoleňová also works as Communications and Outreach Manager at the Prague Security Studies Institute where she is responsible for PSSI’s public relations, Alumni Program and PSSI's outreach projects. Ms. Smoleňová’s academic interests primarily include business economics, Russia's use of soft power and pro-Russian Dizinformation campaign in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2011, she spent three months in Nepal, where she engaged in teaching and development activities at a local


Petr Lang

IRSEC Hub's Co-creator

Petr Lang is Program Director of the Prague Security Studies Institute. Mr. Lang had been working as PSSI’s Program Coordinator since 2006. He has been involved in coordination, planning and implementation of all PSSI’s programs, and worked closely with Olda Černý, PSSI’s late Executive Director.  Mr. Lang has, to date, focused on energy security, breaking geopolitical developments and the nexus of global economics and national security concerns. He has also coordinated major events in a number of other policy areas (e.g missile defense, space security


Jakub Tomasek

Social Media Coordinator

Jakub Tomášek is IRSEC Hub's social media coordinator and project assistant at PSSI, having previously worked as a research intern at the Humanitarian Policy Network of the Overseas Development Institute in London and the Institute of International Relations in Prague. He holds a BScEcon in European politics from the Aberystwyth University and is now pursuing his MSc in Globalization and Development at SOAS in London. His research interests include political economy of development.


Radka Pudilova

IRSEC Hub Assistant

Radka Pudilova is IRSEC Hub's project assistant at PSSI. Ms. Pudilova has previously worked as a research intern for Center for Applied Legal Thinking at FGV in Sao Paulo and Permanent Peace Movement in Beirut. She is a member of the Middle East and North Africa committee of the European Youth Press. She holds BA from Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Studies and SciencesPo and is currently pursuing MPA at School of Public Policy, Central European University. Her research interests include role of civil society in post-conflict reconstruction and development.


Jitka Richterova

IRSEC Hub Assistant

Jitka Richterova is a project assistant at PSSI and works primarily on the IRSEC Hub project. Prior to joining PSSI, Ms. Richterova worked as a project assistant in Forum 2000 Foundation and she is also an associate in the Association for International Affairs. Her major studies interest is in economics and development. She has volunteered as an English teacher in Nepal and she cooperated on organising several student educational projects.

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