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The IRSEC Hub, or International Relations and Security Affairs Resource Hub, was created by the Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI) in May of 2014. The main goal of this initiative is to facilitate an online information platform that seeks to foster a more active and interconnected international relations and security affairs community within Visegrad countries and beyond. The IRSEC Hub project would like to support cooperation and information exchange within and between participating countries, elevate the level of public education in the region and attract greater attention to regional projects, events and research.

Previously, members of the IRSEC community had to search through multiple sites to learn about planned events, new publications and other activities. As a result, inspired projects and events organized by think tanks may not have often received sufficient attention and did not properly reach the interested audience. Therefore, by gathering information on one platform, IRSEC Hub would like to solve the problem of underdeveloped information connection between think tanks and research institutions on the one side and their target audiences on the other.


Partner Network

The IRSEC Hub consist of regional partners who have joined the network and whose activities are published on this website. The IRSEC Hub team does not gather information by themselves, but rather allow regional organizations to promote their activities at one place. To learn more about how the IRSEC Hub partner network works, please go to section Partner Network.


What you can find here

If you are a researcher, lecturer, student, government official, journalist, diplomat or anybody interested in international relations and security related issues, the IRSEC Hub enables you to:

1) Study materials:

  • Research papers and publications authored by partners
  • Articles published by partners

2) Get informed about:

  • Planned events (conferences, roundtables, workshops)
  • Educational activities (summer schools, lectures)
  • Opportunities (open job offers and internships)

3) Learn more about:

  • Our partners - regional think tanks that focus on international relations and security
  • Experts affiliated with IRSEC Hub partners


We want to keep developing and improving the IRSEC community

In the near future, the IRSEC Hub team plans to develop an e-learning platform incorporated into this website. Our next step will be to create a network of universities and NGOs with educational activities that focus on international relations and security in Central and Eastern Europe. The goal of the IRSEC Hub e-learning platform will be to provide the younger generation with free access to high-quality lectures and courses and raise awareness about the most important and pressing issues and problems related to our countries and the region. More information about our e-learning activities will be available soon.


IRSEC Hub Manager – Ivana Smoleňová, smolenova@pssi.cz

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